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"What is friendship? According to the Oxford dictionary, a friend is a person with whom one is on terms of mutual affection, a helper or sympathizer. Oxford does not however explain the particular type of friendship that Saisha, Euniqé, and Kandace have. In Friendship Matters by Rona D. Drinkard, these three friends stand by each other through thick and thin. They are a family. To them that means when one is down, the others are there to lift her up and give full support."
Readers' Favorite - Ronél Steyn
"I loved the settings and descriptions in the book and appreciated Rona's ability to breathe realistic life into the characters. The contemporary themes explored in the story make this literary work of fiction fit for this modern time as well. "Friendship Matters" by Rona D. is a story told with humor, empathy, joy, and warmth. It is a heartwarming read that celebrates the beauty of friendship."
Reader Views - Lily Andrews
"The assertiveness of the central characters amazed me. Rona sketched each of them with distinct traits. Saisha boasted a sassy and forward character, while Euniqé was more rational and conservative. Although I did not expect it from Kandace, she turned out to be a strong-willed girl as well. Yet, the beauty was that Rona featured their vulnerable sides with equal vividity."
The Chrysalis BREW Project - Maria Shrabastee

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