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Friendship Matters

~An Award Winning Novel~


2022 Best Book Award – African American Fiction

2022 2nd Place BookFest Award Winner – Urban Fiction

2022 3nd Place BookFest Award Winner – Humor/Relationship Fiction

2022 Silver Medal Readers’ Favorite Award Winner – General Fiction

2022 National Indie Juror’s Choice Award Winner– African American Fiction

2022 February 2022 BREW Readers’ Choice Award Winner – Fiction

2021 BREW Reader’s Choice of the Year Award Winner – Women’s Fiction

2021 1st Place Firebird Book Award Winner – Women’s Fiction


(2) 2022 American Writer Award Finalist – General & Women’s Fiction

16th Annual National Indie Excellence Award Finalist – African American Fiction

2022 International Book Award Finalist – African American Fiction

2021 Indies Today Finalist – Fiction


April 30th declared “Rona D. Drinkard Day” in my hometown of Buffalo, New York and Erie County

BREW Seal of Excellence from they Chrysalis BREW Project

Recognized as one of the “6 Best Books to Read on International Women’s Day” in 2022 by The Chrysalis BREW Project

See what readers are saying...

"The author writes in an authentic voice because she lives it and the women are part of this generation. Their stories are necessary for people to see what humanity looks like. Those from a different generation may have to warm up to the raw exposure."
Goodreads - Dr. Imani Lillie B. Fryar, PhD - "Culturally Relevant"
This first novel tells the story of three close thirtyish women friends -- Saisha, Euniqe, and Kandace -- and their many tribulations as they try to lead their lives and find happiness. Deceitful and difficult men, and some wonderful men, are the subjects of many, many conversations. Raising kids, managing complicated family relationships, and just the daily business of life are related in ways that are refreshing and humorous, authentic and relatable. The characters are carefully drawn, and it is a pleasure to see them develop and unfold. You get to know the three friends well, and cheer them on as they hit bump after bump yet keep moving forward. Nice homage, too, to Buffalo NY."
Amazon - Chris K. "Great Character Development"
"I loved this book about love and sisterhood! I'm hoping there will be a part 2! Chapter after chapter I read the story of these women as if they were my girlfriends wishing the best for them, crying with them, laughing with them! When the book ended I was upset hoping that there were at least a few more pages that I could read. Sheesh the drama, love, and gossip in this won't regret reading it!"
Amazon - Sandramarie McNeill - "An edge of the seat novel"

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