Friendship Matters

by Rona D.

Friendship Matters is an award-winning fiction novel that takes place in the author’s hometown of Buffalo, New York. It’s a timeless, refreshing and often hilarious romcom about three beautiful women who experience ups and downs while maintaining such a strong bond, you’ll find yourself rooting for them from beginning to end. Saisha, Euniqé and Kandace are in search of happiness and are committed to find it whether it means finding new love, rekindling old love or simply freedom. Either way, they remain honest and loyal to one another by providing a support system that is unbreakable. “Friendship Matters” provides an uplifting plot, memorable characters, and outstanding dialogues, making it a must read for both men and women.

Meet the Characters


“The Sassy One”

Saisha (pronounced “say-sha”) is a real estate agent with a gift for cooking who still holds a place for her first love but almost too open to finding a suitable replacement. She overcompensates for insecurities with an in-your-face confidence that turns heads, but is ultimately unsure of herself when the important decisions need to be made.


“The Conservative One”

Euniqé (pronounced “unique”) is a psychotherapist and the most complex of the trio, raising a son alone after the death of her beloved husband. She’s strong, she’s the backbone of this friendship, but she is still a woman with needs. Although romance isn’t on her radar, love still tries to find its way to her heart.


“The Dutiful One”

Kandace dreamed of being an interior designer, but she’s more of a shopaholic who is struggling between an unhappy marriage and the luxuries that it conveys. She seems meek at first glance, but underneath all the designer clothes and expensive purses is a tiger who just might be uncaged.

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eBooks are available via Kindle, Nook, KOBO, Apple, Scribd, and more…


Paperback: 978-1-7369230-1-6 * eBook: 978-1-7369230-2-3

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Friendship Matters by Rona D.

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Friendship Matters by Rona D.

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