A poignant, light-hearted, yet dramatic romcom…

“A poignant, light-hearted, yet dramatic romcom about three beautiful women whose bond is so tight and characteristics are so relatable, you’ll view them as your friends. Despite their many ups and downs, these ladies find a way to love, laugh, and uplift one another thus showing us why friendships indeed matter. This story is authentic, relationships endearing and the twists are so hilariously shocking, you’ll find yourself rooting for the characters and wanting more.”

Author Rona D.

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Rona D. Drinkard is an award winning author. Her debut novel, Friendship Matters, is both captivating and relatable to anyone who has experienced the matters of friendships.

What readers saying…

Funny, Relatable and Meaningful!

The novel has an uplifting plot, memorable characters, and outstanding dialogues but, most of all, it presents a realistic and kaleidoscopic depiction of the female experience that makes it extremely relatable and socially meaningful.”

-Maria Andrea (Amazon Review)

A Must Read for Guys Too!

As a man, I was initially unsure whether Friendship Matters would interest me, but the uncertainty quickly vanished once I started reading the novel. As I moved from chapter to chapter I became increasingly fascinated with the psyche of the three women, the relationship between them, as well as their interactions with others – both male and female.”

-Kindle Customer (Amazon Review)

Love, Love, Loved It!

“This book had me not wanting to put it down I enjoy it from the beginning to the very end. I’m looking forward for a…….to be continued part two…:)”

-Ms. J. (Amazon Review)

Great Character Development

“You get to know the three friends well, and cheer them on as they hit bump after bump.

Yet they keep moving forward. Nice homage, too, to Buffalo, NY.”

-Chris K. (Amazon Review)

Refreshingly Heartwarming Tale of the Matters of Friendship

“The twists and turns she took us on were well worth the ride. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in this saga, would love to see the story played out on television.”

-Haashim D. (Amazon Review)

Sassy but Loyal

“These ladies will absolutely capture your attention from the 1st sentence and hold you there wanting more until the last word!

-Aubrey M. (Amazon Review)

Heartwarming and Genuine

“For her first outing, I think Rona D. really hit the nail on the head with the development of her characters.”

-Desiree D. (Amazon Review)

“Your book is an example of the value of women and our relationship with one another.

God is going to use your book to bring together and heal so many women’s relationships.”

-Rev. Sheila M.

“You take difficult feelings and with aplomb turn them into palpable words.

– Carl T.

“Hurry up with part II! It was sooooo good!

-Sandramarie M.

Oh What a Treat, Simply Delightful!!

“I love the story behind every woman, this is book is everything!!

Facts of Life!

-Shameka M. (Amazon Review)

“Great book! I actually finished it in two days!

-John B.

“Such a timeless treasure. Been wanting to get back to reading? This is the perfect place to start. You’ll be hooked. I promise!

-Latrida H.

“It’s a beautiful novel, I can’t put it down! Thank you so much for including the artists to listen to so often, it’s really helped me get to know the ladies!

-Kirk W.

A Must Read

“You can find something about yourself in each of these women and even the men that surround their lives.

-Dana R. (Amazon Review)

Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to honor all of the accomplishments and contributions of African Americans around the globe. In celebration of our culture, our values, family and friendships, we’ve created these beautiful brown bookmarks that highlight some of the quotes and statements spoken and unspoken from the unbreakable bond shared by the ladies of Friendship Matters.

When you order your autographed copy of Friendship Matters directly from this website, it will come with your choice of bookmarks. 

Just add a note sharing your preferred bookmark to your order and it will be shipped directly to your doorstep! 

These bookmarks have one of the 4 quotes that you can choose from:

  • Friendship Matters
  • We all got our men one sway at a time
  • You got my back or naw?
  • Asking for a friend...

**This does not apply to book orders purchased on Amazon.

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