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Rona D. Drinkard Day -
Buffalo, New York


County of Erie – State of New York – Office of the County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz, Erie County Executive

“Hereby proclaim Ap;ril 30th, 2022 as Rona D. Drinkard Day in Erie Count and ask all residents to join me in recognizing her great accomplishments and we extend our best wishes or continued success in the future.”

City of Buffalo – Byron W. Brown, Mayor

Today we are proud to honor and celebrate Mrs. Drinkard and her debut novel, Friendship Matters, and thank her for being such a positive force and inspiration to the people of our community.”


New York State Senate – Timothy M. Kennedy, New York State Senator, 63rd District

Thank you for your artistic expression and congratulations on being added to the long list of brilliant local authors.

State of New York Legislature of Erie County Buffalo, New York – Honorable April N.M. Baskin, Erie County Legislature, 2nd District

Hereby recognizes and congratulates Rona D. Drinkard for her outstanding accomplishment and writing her debut novel and offers our deepest appreciation for her dedicated work and wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.”

The City of Buffalo Common Council – Darius G. Pridgen, Ellicott Council Member and Ulysses O. Wingo, Masten Council Member

“We members of The City of Buffalo Common Council hereby celebrate Rona D. Drinkard’s many talents and recognize all her accomplishments throughout her gifted writing.”

Magazine Features

Meet Rona D. Drinkard - CANVASREBEL

Rona D., looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. We’d love to hear the story of how you went from this being just an idea to making it into something real.

I have a passion for reading, and love women’s fiction, science fiction, mystery, drama…all of it.  When I was introduced to Octavia E. Butler, after reading “Kindred” and realizing that this was a black female author who dared to write in a genre that was predominantly males, I began to think I could write a book too.

For the full article, click here.

Rolling Out Magazine

What is Friendship Matters about?

It’s an uplifting, romance comedy that focuses on three ladies, and these three ladies share a special bond. They are loyal, they are like family, and they support one another through their relationships. They also support each other as a family.

For the full article, click here.

"The World's best" Inaugural Magazine

“Friendship Matters” by Rona D. Drinkard is not only women’s fiction but an honest description of the female experience of African-American women. The voice of these women is still sorely underrepresented in literature, and with her book, Rona D. Drinkard makes a great service to all of us. 

Review by Fermosalua – The Chrysalis BREW Project

Sheen Magazine

Author Rona D. Drinkard On Connecting Black Storytelling With The Community

Award winning author, Rona D. Drinkard is making her story known with her recent publication of Friendship Matters.  Rona is expressing her storytelling through self-publication while also connecting with her readers in the community.  Representation matters when sharing Black stories and Rona D. Drinkard is shedding light with her new fictional novel.

For the full article, click here.

Bronze Magazine

Expressing Freedom And Self-Care Through Writing With Award-Winning Author Rona D. Drinkard

The pandemic has provided many with the opportunity to make time for self-love and self-care. Making time for such things provides a sense of freedom and wellness to one’s life that may not always be present.

For the full article, click here.

Raving 5-star Reviews

“I have had the privilege of getting to know each one of these strong and beautiful ladies. I have become a part of their family and see them like my own friends. The author did an amazing job of bringing these characters to life.”

Readers Favorite -Ronél Steyn

“Rona made three unforgettable central characters who would enamor the readers with their personalities.”

The Chrysalis Brew Project -Shrabastee

“Cozy and comfortable, Friendship Matters is a timeless, charming story about three women who need each other as much as they need the very air they breathe.”

Indies Today – Morgan Justice

“The dialogues are the star asset of this novel. Each character has a unique voice, their conversations are authentic, and their insights are so sincere they can even be raw. The alternating voices give us a rounded vision of the plot, but they’re so genuine that, at some point, I didn’t even have to read the title to know who was speaking.”

The Chrysalis Brew Project – Fermosalua

“I have had the privilege of getting to know each one of these strong and beautiful ladies. I have become a part of their family and see them like my own friends. The author did an amazing job of bringing these characters to life. They are full of personality and passion.”

Readers Favorite – Edith Wairimu

“Rona D. Drinkard had me laughing along with and rooting for this tight-knit group of friends, each with their own inimitable personality. Friendship Matters will make you feel like you’re right there, and you won’t want to leave.”

National Indie Excellence Award – Chris L. Terry, Author of The Black Card & Zero Fade

“A beautiful story of love, loss, betrayal, success, motherhood and victory.”

Readers View – Lily Andrews

“The cultural picture is painted vividly, with an endless sampling of rich food, pointed expressions, and moving musical tracks. As for the characters, well, these ladies have personality for miles!!”

Indies Today – Jordan Ehmann
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